COVID-19 Secure Policy

Raddicombe Lodge Guest House
Kingswear Road 

This COVID-19 policy and risk assessment overview document has been produced for the protection and safety of staff and guests whilst staying at Raddicombe Lodge Guest House. The procedures and information within this document has been produced in line with current UK Government guidelines for COVID-19. More information on COVID-19 can be found on the official government website 

Summary of this COVID-19 Secure Policy 

  • To keep everyone safe and follow the ‘Social Distancing’ guidelines, where possible we have reduced the number of guests staying at Raddicombe Lodge any one time.
  • After the departure of our guests, each room will be deep cleaned. Where possible we will endeavour to leave 24 to 48 hours between stays in each room.
  • From the 5th August 2020 you can book a ROOM ONLY option and the room rate will be adjusted accordingly, or you can take your breakfast in the dining room, at your allocated table and time.
  • We regret we will not be able to service your room daily. Stays of 4 nights or more will undergo a full clean and change of bedlinen, staff are required to wear PPE. Fresh towels can be provided daily if requested.
  • Extra cleaning will be completed, using a high level surface reactive barrier disinfectant cleaner. Mattresses, carpets and curtains will be sprayed using an antiviral cleanser. We also ensure extra hand washing and PPE has been utilised (face mask, plastic apron and disposable gloves).
  • You will be requested to use hand sanitiser provided on entry and exit to Raddicombe Lodge Guest House.
  • Staff are required to wear facemasks in all areas of contact with guests, full PPE when cleaning rooms, handling laundry, waste and food preparation.
  • Should you feel unwell during your stay with the COVID-19 symptoms, please let us know immediately. In line with government guidance immediately self-isolate to minimise any risk of transmission, and request a test. We ask you to check out promptly if well enough, so you can self isolate at home. We will ensure the correct procedures are carried out to make your departure as safe as possible for yourself, other guests and staff. 

If you're happy with these temporary changes, then we look forward to seeing you, or you might prefer to reschedule when we are fully operational another time, just let us know. 

1. Pre Guest Arrival 

As per government advice ‘Stay at Home’, guests must not travel to us if anyone in their group or immediate household is showing symptoms of Covid-19, fever, cough, loss of taste or smell. We will be happy to rearrange your stay to another time. 

When the official NHS ‘Track & Trace’ app is available we request that you activate it. 

1.1. All guests with confirmed bookings will be requested to read our COVD-19 policy and agree to complete a health questionnaire and check-in documentation which will be sent via email or post if requested. 

1.2. Please return the completed health questionnaire and check-in documentation via email if possible no later than 24 hours before the day of arrival. 

1.3. If you have concerns or questions regarding our COVID-19 policy please either email, text or call. 

1.4. Any remaining payments are taken by Card on your arrival. 

1.5. All guests are required to agree to an approximate arrival time, to ensure that social distancing can be maintained. We will call/email or text you between 24-48 hours before you stay. 

1.6. We will allow a 20 mins time delay between guests check-ins. 

2. Guest Arrival and Reception 

2.1. If you do arrive at the same time as another guest please wait in your car or outside, and keep 2 metres apart to follow social distancing rules. 

2.2. All guests must adhere to 2 metre social distancing. 

2.3 Automatic ‘Hands free hand sanitiser dispensers’ are found in reception and on entry to the dining room. Guests must use the hand sanitiser on entry and exit, we encourage you to use the sanitiser as often as possible. 

2.4. Only the guests per individual booking are permitted in the reception area at any one time. 

2.5. Sanitised keys will be available from reception. 

2.6. All Guests are responsible for moving and handling their own luggage. However, if you do need assistance then please let us know and staff will be required to sanitise their hands and handles of the luggage, and will keep a 2 metre distance. 

2.7. Any outstanding balances will be taken on the day of arrival, card payment is preferable. 

2.8. Unfortunately we are unable to provide refreshments on arrival, a refreshment tray is provided in all rooms. 

2.9. No leaflets, brochures or complimentary items will be available from the reception area. These are available on request. 

3.0. Our front door, bell, door handles, frame work, payment system, pens, phone and all hard surfaces are cleaned regularly using an antiviral cleanser & disposable cloths. 

Social Distancing 

The social distancing measures set out below must be practiced at all times. These measures are in place for the safety, protection and welfare of all guests and staff. 

3. Outside Areas - Car Park / Garden and Lookout 

3.1. Guests are required to stay inside their own vehicle or practice a 2 metre social distance if another guest/individual is in the car park/front door area at the same time. 

3.2. Guests must not smoke outside in the garden/parking area of Raddicombe Lodge Guesthouse to prevent contact with other individuals. The Lookout area may be used but please allow 2 metres for social distancing. 

4.1. Only the guests per individual booking are permitted in the reception area at any one time. 

4.2. Guests are advised and requested to stay in their own room or return to their own room if stairs or hallways are in use by another guest. Once the other guest has vacated the area, then you can proceed to use the stairs or hallway when clear. 

4.3. We encourage you to use face coverings in the communal areas, whilst still maintaining 2 metre social distancing. 

5. Guest Rooms- Servicing 

5.1. We request that you wash your hands frequently, for a minimum of 20 seconds, and use the anti-bacterial spray we have provided, especially when entering or leaving your room. 

5.2. No members of staff can enter a guest room whilst a guest is present in the room. Guests must leave the room for any staff member to attend. 

5.3. We cannot service your room daily if you're staying for 4 nights or less. If you are staying with us for more than 4 nights we will fully service your room and staff will be required to wear PPE (face mask, plastic apron and disposable gloves). 

5.4. If you require clean towels just let us know and we will provide you with fresh towels in a bag and ask you to use the same bag to place your dirty ones in. Please tie the bag up and leave outside your door to be collected. 

5.5. Please may we ask that you empty your own bin (there are clean bin bags underneath the old one), tie up and put it outside your room. We will leave tea towels in your room if you wish to use the same cup or just pop dirty ones outside your room and we will replace them. 

5.6 Guests are requested to ensure they close the toilet lid when flushing to prevent any vapour/droplets being dispersed. Please also open your windows when possible. Cleaning items can be supplied just ask. 

5.7. If you need tea, coffee, milk and toilet roll top ups please let us know. We will leave them in a sealed bag outside your door. 

6. Guest Dining Room 

6.1 Guests are required to order their breakfast the day before. 

6.2 Guests will be given the choice of a time slot for their breakfast service. 

6.3. We strictly do not allow takeaways in your room. 

6.4. If you wish to use the dining room for eating takeaways, then please let us know and we can book you a table and provide cutlery in a sealed plastic bag. 

7. Guest Departure - Check-out by 10.30am 

7.1. Please let us know the day before what time you plan to check out. However, we do ask that you depart by 10.30am. We may need to stagger check-out time, but will provide you with notice if this is necessary. 

7.2. Please remember only guests per booking are permitted in the reception area at any time. Please ensure you follow social distancing rules. 

7.3. All Guests are responsible for moving and handling their own luggage. However, if you do need assistance then please let us know and staff will be required to sanitise their hands and handles of the luggage and keep at a 2 metre distance. 

7.4. Any outstanding payments will be taken at departure, card is preferable. 

7.5. Please leave your key in the key box in reception. 

8. Guest Rooms/Housekeeping 

All non-essential items have been removed, such as soft furnishings, throws and the guest information book, to help provide a safer environment (guest information is available on our website or we are happy to help at reception) 

All linen and towels are laundered at 60 degrees and above. Only 1 pillow will be provided per guest, you can request more. 

8.1. Where possible, a minimum gap of 24 hours will be left before we clean a vacated room and 48 hours before a new guest checks in. 

8.2. Guest rooms will be cleaned once the guest has checked out. 

8.3. On guest departure, all rooms will undergo a deep clean. This includes sanitising with an antiviral cleaner on bathroom/floors, light switches, sockets, handles, drawers, wardrobes and remote controls. All mattresses, curtains, and carpets will be sanitised using a high pressure spray containing an antiviral cleaner. 

8.4. When cleaning rooms, staff are required to wear PPE. This is changed for each room to prevent cross contamination. 

8.5. New cleaning cloths are used for every room to prevent cross contamination. 

8.6. Staff are required to wash or sanitise their hands before putting on and after taking off PPE. 

8.7. All cups, saucers and cutlery will be dishwasher cleaned on an intense program wash. 

9. Guests suspected of Coronavirus during their Stay 

If a guest becomes unwell and is displaying signs of the Covid-19 virus while staying at Raddicombe Lodge Guest House please inform us immediately, they must self-isolate in their room to minimise any risk of transmission, and request a test. If a guest is confirmed to have Covid-19 the guest should return home if they are well enough, using their own private transport. If the guest is not well enough to travel their circumstances should be discussed with an appropriate health care professional and, if necessary, the local authority. All individuals must follow the government guidance on dealing with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. Once the guest has returned to their main residence, they should continue to follow the government guidance on self-isolation, household isolation and social distancing. 

Where you are UNABLE to check out, then the following guidelines must be followed: 

9.1. The guest must stay in their room and not visit any public spaces. 

9.2. Arrangements should be made for meals / food to be provided to the room as per protocols previously stated or use of local food delivery services. Food should be served with disposable plates and cutlery, nothing will be returned to the kitchen. 

9.3. Arrangements should be made to ensure the guests are able to make requests for service or assistance remotely (e.g. via telephone or text). 

9.4. No cleaning or housekeeping services will be carried out during their stay. Any room amenities to be left at the door. 

9.5. Provide large rubbish bags for disposal of guest rubbish. Guests should be informed to keep the rubbish bags in the room (not placed in the corridor) until a coordinated time for pick-up is arranged. 

9.6. Medical personnel only will be allowed in the guest room. 

9.7. Guests must contact staff prior to check out and departure to provide an update on their condition. 

9.8. If the fire alarm sounds, normal evacuation procedures should be followed, but the guest is to be isolated from other guests at the assembly point. 

9.9. ALL PPE should be used whenever staff come in contact with any item the guest has handled. 

10. Where a guests’ stay is extended beyond original booking, guests will be required to cover the cost of all additional nights stayed. 

In line with the Government Guidance, if there is a suspected/confirmed case of Covid-19 in Raddicombe Lodge Guest House we will be forced to close, self-isolate and ask all guests to return home immediately to self-isolate.